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Multi Axis Drive Tool axis and Projection Vector


Is there any training material for these options floating around? As I get my feet wet with my new Grob 5 axis I'm finding these methods are confusing and I dont seem to understand them that much.

I have a couple people who I can reach out to ask for advice but I would like to learn.


Dennis Rathi
Creations Unlimited

Re: Multi Axis Drive Tool axis and Projection Vector

I'm sure this is covered in the multi axis class, if you can swing that.


There are several classes in Learning Advantage, but I have not gone through them.


The concept of surface contouring is that you define a drive path, and the system projects it on to the part. Starting at the drive path, the system moves the tool along the projection vector until it hits the part - that is the contact point. Of course there is much more going on, but that's the basic idea. 


I would start with the help:


To compare, in a typical fixed axis operation, the projection vector is usually opposite the tool axis, which is -ZM if the tool axis is +ZM.


Tool axis has many options, documented here:

If there is a particular option that you have questions on, please ask.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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