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Multi-Axis - Point Driving Method on Thin Airfoil

Dear All,


Photo below shows a thin airfoil and a set of 10 points were created on the pressure-side surface using NX10. To have more control over the tool's path and attitude, I wanted the tool to move from point to point, starting from the left by using the curve/point drive method (Part file attached).


I was not able to generate the tool path by using the point set as the driver. Instead, I have to create 9 separete lines to join the 10 points one by one and then use those lines as the driver. Why can't we use point set as the driving method and may I know where are my mistakes? Also, is there an easier way to do this?


Appreciate your advices. Sincerely thank you.


Thin AirfoilThin Airfoil


Re: Multi-Axis - Point Driving Method on Thin Airfoil

I hope, I understand your question. 

I set Drive Method to Curves\Points and select ALL points in one set. 

I set Tolerance for Nuber Steps. 

I set Cut Step in Cutting Parameters. 


See attached fileAirfoile.png



Accepted by topic author Jason2
‎07-17-2017 11:50 AM

Re: Multi-Axis - Point Driving Method on Thin Airfoil

Dear Chigishev,


Thank you for the wonderful sharing, it really helps me to realize the mistake I made. Instead of selecting the points one by one, I selected all the 10 points at once. As a result, NX treated the 10-points as a single feature, not able to determine the drive direction.


The simulation was intended for some robotic applications. So, I want the cutter to move directly from one drive point to another, without any interpolation in between. Also, some lead and tilt angles are applied relative to the part.


Sincerely thank you again.


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