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Multi-Axis Turning Machine


Hello All,


I need a help about preparing the post for Multi-axis Turning machine DMG-NTX2000, It has got tool-spindle and lower turret, Spindle -1 and spindle-2.


For the preparing post, i use two post template, one is for lathe, one is for mill post( rotary table and rotary head) but i encounter a big problem regarding X axis travel in Rotary Head-Rotary Table.I can not define a border for X axis of tool spindle in the post, so when i try to do drill angle-holed or when i try to do 3-axis milling with these post, It send my tool-spindle to under the chuk(X=-125mm.) that it is impossible for these machine, This machine only allows me for X axis -50 mm travel.

So how can i define borders for the Axises in Post builder or in NX.

Can anyone has got knowledge about it, and can anyone advice me sth?

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