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Multiple instances of variables?

I'm assuming (for the moment) this issue isn't unique to just me, but so far I haven't been able to find any info concerning it.


When examining a posted program using the Post Review Tool, I've noticed that events frequently have multiple instances of identical variables, but with different values. For example, I'm looking at a MOM_initial_move event, and there are two instances of each variable in the mom_pos array. In this case specifically, mom_pos(2) has two different values.


Does anyone know exactly what is happening during run-time in this situation? Can I safely assume that only one of them is ever valid, and the others can be ignored completely?

It will be greatly appreciated if someone can clear this up for me.


Accepted by topic author delski
‎12-23-2015 03:46 PM

Re: Multiple instances of variables?

The review tool shows a sequential dump of variables changing. The lower one should represent the value the event handler code will get for the event.

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Re: Multiple instances of variables?

I suspected that might be the case. Thanks!

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