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NC Post Prcessing - Turning - mom varirable



Quyery on - NC Post Building - Turning


I am looking for mom variable in turning operation at 'Tool Orientation' tab. check box name - "Flip tool around holder' . How I can pull these check box information to the post for coding.


Please help for the above...


Thanks in advance..






Re: NC Post Prcessing - Turning - mom varirable

Have you tried enabling the review tool for the post run and check the variables there?

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Re: NC Post Prcessing - Turning - mom varirable

[ Edited ]

Can't find the variable right now but...

1) "Flip tool around holder" generates a "rotate" event (handled by the "MOM_rotate" proc in the MILL post in linked mill-turn post situation).  In newer mill posts, there is this code at the beginning of the "MOM_rotate" proc:

if { [info exists mom_machine_mode] && [string match "TURN" 
     $mom_machine_mode] } { 
     if [CMD_EXIST PB_CMD_handle_lathe_flash_tool] {


So if this is a linked post, add a custom command "PB_CMD_handle_lathe_flash_tool" and see if it is correctly called.  I'd assume the variable is set to either "0" or "1"


2) If this is a straight lathe post (no linked mill post) you could try adding a proc "MOM_rotate" and see what happens


3) I'd suggest using the "Moog_show_globals" (see thread with it) - run twice (once flipped, once not) save the info windows to 2 separate text files and compare them  to find what is different.

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Re: NC Post Prcessing - Turning - mom varirable

Very Simple use




its either 0 or 1 depending if the tools is flip or not

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