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NX MP1 Tracking Points with Grooving Tool CSE

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NX 10 works not the same way as NX 9 works, as related to L, Q, and Z Corrections in CSE.


I learned that SetToolCorrection function automatically adds offsets of tracking points (of a grooving tool) to L and Z Corrections, and does it wrong in my case. The value that should be added to LCorrection is added to ZCorrection, and the value that should be added to ZCorrection is added to LCorrection.


I tried changing Machine CS, Reference CS, Tool CS, and many other things with a tool, but I can't get the required result and can't even split L and Z Corrections into a distance to a some point on a tool and an offset distance to tracking points. In NX9, the distance to tracking points was in QCorrection, and it helped very much, because I needed only to add this value to DisplaceOrigin in GMe_SetToolLengthCorrection and that's it.


On the attached picture, we see that a grooving tool goes deeper exactly by the distance that equals to the insert width, 3 mm, instead of going to the left by this 3 mm.


Another turning tool works well in OD turning.


What should be changed in the Manufacturing settings? What a tick box did I omit?)))

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