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NX 9 MCD problem with OPC server




We are working on a project, where we are planning to use Beckhoff CX5120 softPLC to control a virtual model in NX 9 ( via MCD. We don’t have the softPLC yet, but we are using virtual PLC TwinCat 3 OPC server to communicate with MCD. All should be OK with our OPC server (Kepware KepServerEX) and virtual PLC. In NX, MCD finds the tags which we have created in TwinCat. We have created the signal adapters and connected them with the tags. Every time we start the simulation in NX, it crashes in fatal error “c0000005.”


What might cause this error? Do you have any hints or some settings to take a look at?


Picture belowUntitled1.png


Re: NX 9 MCD problem with OPC server

This forum is for NX Manufacturing. The simulation discussed here is for Machine Tools in CNC machining.


You may get a better response in the simulation forum:


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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