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Hello World,

     Please help. I'm trying to change the Y OFFSET to negative value in the Tracking Points tab in the turn tool. I'm updating the codes written from NX4 to NX7.5. In NX4, I used the following codes to set he Y OFFSET:






offset = abs(y_offset) * (-1);



UF_PARAM_set_int_value (tool_tag, UF_PARAM_TL_Y_OFFSET_TOG, 1);

UF_PARAM_set_double_value(tool_tag,UF_PARAM_TL_Y_OFFSET,offset );


But these codes are not working in NX7.5. When I executed the .DLL, the Tracking Point tab still show the positive value but when I do an information on the tool, it shown that the value changed to negative. Does anyone else has the same problem?


Many thanks in advance.





Re: NX CAM C++

You may want to ask this in the programmer forum - some CAM API folks hang out in there:


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: NX CAM C++

Thank for the advise, I'll do that.

Re: NX CAM C++

I'm short on time but try forcibly "toggling" the dialog via code (more than once). Sometimes when you change values in CAM objects via API, you have to "Force" the dialog to reflect the change. I've seen this behavior before. I may dig up some code next week if you can't get a solution.

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