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NX CAM, CSE Simulation, diferents positions of rotary axis simulating the same operation.

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 Hi all,


I´m simulating with a MAZAK VTC 800 30 SR, rotary axis B(head) and C (rotate table on the left ). The problem is in "DESBASTE_PISO_ANGULO" operation, that if I simulate since "PROGRAMA" the rotary axis takes the values B = -30 and C = -270 in the operation , and if I simulate since "DESBASTE_F16-PRO" program the rotary axis takes the values B = 30 and C = -90. The customer wants to work with positives B degrees. 


image.pngB30 C-90image.pngB-30 C-270













In the kinematics I have C limits at 360 and -360 values. Modifying these values to 180 and -180 for example i see that the head turns at 30 degrees. I don´t understand why it happens.

image.pngB 30 C-450 (C limits 180 to -180)

 I see also that C axis is -360 degrees after "PLANEADO_Z0_CARA4 (B90, C-270)" operation when I´m simulating since "PROGRAMA"  although in the NC program puts "G53 G0 C0".


 image.pngC-360 instead of 0



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