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NX CAM Robotics - Tool coordinates in KRL-Code


Hello at all,


I'm trying to use NX Manufacturing to generate KRL-Code for my cell with a Kuka robot.

I have the Kuka with a spindle at the 6th axis. The tool is assembled at the spindle and the simulation works fine.


The problem is that when I generate the KRL-Code with postprocess it seems that the tool is assembled at the 6th axis instead of the spindle.

So in the code there is:


$TOOL={X -49.310,Y 0.000,Z 0.000,A 0.000,B 90.000,C 0.000}


Where can I change or set the tool position?


Hope my problem is clear and someone can help me.


Best regards,






Re: NX CAM Robotics - Tool coordinates in KRL-Code

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Julian,


Attaching the documentation of our Kuka post processor. also make sure you use latest version. latest vestion could be download from GTAC repository - KUKA_KRL.v2_5.27_01_2016.exe

one issues might be that the structure of the tree on the tools view looks like this:


   - HEAD


       - Tool

         - OPERATION

 If none of these work - feel free to contact me directly (

Eddy Finaro
NX CAM Product Manager
Siemens PLM

Re: NX CAM Robotics - Tool coordinates in KRL-Code

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi Julian,

When you state that you "have the Kuka with a spindle at the 6th axis" - what does this actually mean. I see two ways to do it, I expect only the 2nd option described below will results correct output:

  1. The spindle is defines in the robot assembly. No special changes in MTB.
  2. The robot includes only the robot (up to J6), while the spindle is defined as a head in MTB with a mount and tool junctions. Mount JCT should be where the spindle is mounted to the robot while the tool JCT is where the tool is mounted to the spindle. This also requires the spindle to be added as a head by the operation.




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