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NX CAM Trial license Error


I downloaded and installed using the CAMWebInstall.exe installer. Upon opening I receive the error: CAM Express Initialization Error "License Error, server not connected. [ -10004 ]"


Following the instructions from NX CAM Trial Offer Software Frequently Asked Questions post I re-ran the installer and after it completed attempted to run and ran into the same issue. Investigating further and looking at the CAMWebInstall.log it looks like it is failing to connect with this error repeated several times:


"SendTelemtryData - Telemetry Service URL can't be reachedSmiley Frustratedystem.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."


Are there certain ports that need to be open on the firewall that is preventing this from working? Other than that the software seems to have installed correctly using the CAMWebINstall.exe



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