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NX-CLS output for ball end cutter with tapered shaft

Dear Sirs/Madams,


on the above subject I have a following situation:


1. This is the definiation of a Ball end milling cutter in NX (9.0) with a taper angle in metric unit


D = 10  B = 5 L = 75 FL = 50 (other paramters are not relevant for this issue)


2. Belwo is the output of the same tool in NX-CLS format (from command  << AnyCAM Operation>>[Actions] -> List)




The first  "9.1633" represent the value of tool diamter at the interface of toolchaft and the tool's ball end.



I need to know how is this value calculated. According to my calculation this value should be 9.96194   (by using Dc = D * cos(B) for the length of chord at the tangent intersection of tool shaft and ball-end).


Appreciate an explanation/comment.


Riaz Ur-Rehman


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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: NX-CLS output for ball end cutter with tapered shaft

[ Edited ]




10*tan(42.5) = 9.1633117401742338436255702200966


Need any explanations?




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