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NX FBM not supporting WEDM open profile


Hi all,

   I'd like to ask that...

   1.Why is that FBM in WEDM only supporting Internal Trim and No Core operation, but not Open Profile. Actually I can teach an Open Profile operation into MKE. After creating the feature processes base on the feature, the open profile operation was correctly inserted under the feature but the feature was not inherited into the geometry.

擷取.JPG     2.Is it possible to be supported in the future release? It seems like not a long way to go.

     Thank you.


Re: NX FBM not supporting WEDM open profile

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The slide that you are showing is quite old. 

FBM does already support WEDM open profile operations, but it's not part of the standard machining_knowledge.xml set of example rules.


I have done a quick test in NX12 (see the attached part file) where I recognized an open profile (as a SLOT_RECTANGULAR) feature and manually created a feature group, added a WEDM_GEOM child with a OPEN_PROFILE operation. The trick is to use the Redistribute command in the Manufacturing Feature Navigator (MFN) Group View to automatically "convert" the face geometry from the machining feature into a WEDM boundary.WEDM_open_profile.png







For additional details, also see the discussion below:

Other WEDM discussion topic


This example was created manually, but it can also be supported automatically by adding a new rule to the Machinining_knowledge.xml file. You have to make sure that the machining rule has GeometryParent Add-on:
















This will automatically create the feature group, with the WEDM_GEOM and the Open_Profile operation.

It will also automatically perform the "Redistribute".


Tom van 't Erve

NX CAM Development




Re: NX FBM not supporting WEDM open profile

Hi Tom,
Thank you for your help. I will give it a shot.

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