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NX Manufacturing all face


i want to patch all hole and pocket to manufacturing them, to help me improve time, but i don't know this tool and how to make the same picture, please help me!


Re: NX Manufacturing all face

Sync Modeling, DeletecFace. + Bounded Plane. 

Re: NX Manufacturing all face

Yup what Chigishev said. I like to wave link the master file in the assembly first.

Re: NX Manufacturing all face

Ok. I see. Thanks all for the help.

Re: NX Manufacturing all face

Which NX version are you using ?


There are commands which are from Mold Wizard now in Synch. Modeling. You can use these to close the open areas which are not 'holes'. For holes and counterbores, use delete hole command in one go.




TC10/NX 9

Re: NX Manufacturing all face

The part in the picture on the right contains a split surface used for die design. If that is your intent, you need something from outside NX CAM like tooling or plain modeling. Synchronous would not help achieving this.


If your intention is to get rid of the holes in order to perform some roughing, then you have two simple options:

A: Use synchronous Delete Face (with optional holes setting). This modifies an existing solid body.

B: Use the Patch Openings command. This adds additional sheet bodies to the existing solid body of the part. 


In both cases you should WAVE link the solid body of the part to your cam part.


You seem to be kind of at the beginning of your tour through NX so better stick to option A.


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