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NX-Turning operation



We try to prepare turning operation which are consequent to each other and work on same workpiece.(so we define one workpiece.)


But these two operation doesn't work in same MCS-SPINDLE(because these two operation has got different LATHE WORK PLANE, each operation work on opposite faces; First face and the second face.)So we define two different MCS-Spindle).


My question is:

The first operation work on first face and remove the chips from the workpiece but after the first operation finished and while the second operation work, The first operation's removal are wasn't seen in program. It seems like the first operation never happened before the second operation start.


In the below pic. , I try to explain my problem with a simple picture.


Can anyone help me about this issue???




Re: NX-Turning operation

Hi @omcoist,

Below I'm sending a video showing how you can configure your geometry tree to recognize the material removal from side 1 to side 2.

(view in My Videos)

I hope it helps.

Jean Marcel

Re: NX-Turning operation

Thanks for your help

But, We can't open the video..  


can you upload video again please.  Man Indifferent

Accepted by topic author omcoist
‎08-25-2016 04:14 AM

Re: NX-Turning operation


Attached the video.


Jean Marcel

Re: NX-Turning operation

Thank you very much for your help.
You saved me a lot of trouble. Smiley Happy Have a nice day.

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