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NX Turning tools with two inserts


Hi everyone,


Im using NX8.5 to try and program a new Mill/turn machine. I will be using a multi task turning tool with that has two different inserts mounted opposite to each other.


The Idea is to use one insert at one spindle position for one operation

and then rotate the tool 180 deg to use the other insert.


I know the machine itself is capable of this but how do I define a turning tool

in NX with two inserts?


Can anyone help?



Re: NX Turning tools with two inserts

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Valued Contributor


Chipping in to say me too! We are looking at a mill turn and we will be running into the same scenario too.

Re: NX Turning tools with two inserts

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Define 2 separate tools with the same tool number (or put them under the same pocket)

I'd suggest they have 2 different adjust registers...


Whether you need to do something more depends on your machine...


With Mazak Integrex using Mazatrol tool data (; "mm"=00 thru 26; heavy tools 61 thru 86) you don't need to do anything more - the "flipping" is done on the control when you set up the tool.


I think most other machines will require SOMETHING

option 1) If only need 2 positions 180 deg part: See if (tool orientation) "flip tool around holder" can be used to trigger what you need (note tool that needs flipped needs to be defined in its "un flipped" position)

Option 2) Add a UDE "Lathe Tool Orient" or "Flash Tooling" (or whatever you want to call it).  Either have a set of options (0/90/180/27) or just allow them to enter an angle value.  Use this to trigger output of appropriate M/G/whatever code in the post.



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