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NX millturn


ipw does not update in 3D verification if sequence of toolpath starts from turning operation.


As in turning it creates the spun & rotates which will be the blank for the turning operations.


but in case of casting component(Ref attached image) of irregular shape stock is added to a multiple locations on the part which has to be machine by milling operations.


when we start the operation sequence by turning operation it keeps the same ipw which is the rotation of spun.if operation sequence starts by milling operation it changes accordingly i.e. it will show spun rotation while veryfing the turning operation and actual blank while milling operation.


what if i have to start from turning operation? i will not able to verify the milling toolpaths with proper blank it will only show the spun rotation.


please suggest if there is any particular method for toolpath verification of millturn component in UG NX9





Re: NX millturn

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I think that is an issue with NX9. I had files from NX8 that worked fine, but the 3d verification worked differently in NX9. See if you can test the file in NX 10.

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Re: NX millturn

Our out of the box mill-turn sample starts with turning, and then milling uses the resulting IPW.

Be sure you have the geometry view organized like the sample.


In NX 10.0.2 there is a new unified IPW available for preview that makes combining milling and turning much easier. Contact GTAC if you are interested in previewing it.



Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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