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NX probing

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I try to use NX probing. When I use probe from library (ugt0402_001 or my own probe, not so important), I see one only tracking point TP_0, this point in center ruby ball. Good, I need exactly this point. And - when I insert new sub-operation for probe movment probe placed in target point as center ball point - see pic1.


But, when I try to simulate this motion - probe change tracking point to "South Pole".. See pic2


I try to find solution in traching_points.dat file, but this file for mil-turn-drill tools only. Can you advise me any idea? 

Thank you!! 



Re: NX probing



Have you resolved the problem?


Actually, I wonder why you would have the tracking point as the center point? From I have noticed, during the creation of a probe, when we are asked to define a tracking point, if we select the sphere, we will end up with geting the "tool tip" as tracking point instead of the sphere center.


Unless, you create a datum point on the sphere center and you select this point on "model history". Otherwise, since "infered point" function is disabled, you won't be able to select "center point".


Re: NX probing

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I heed a ball center as tracking point for more easy calculations when I use my own "measuring cycles" with G31 (FANUC) or MEAS=1 (SIEMENS).




Re: NX probing

I found if you draw a circle in tool graphic file you can select that for the tracking point.




When selecting the tracking point curve is a valid option.


Jake Hardwick
CNC Programmer
Senior Aerospace AMT
Production NX8.5.3.3 Beta testing NX10.0.1.4

Re: NX probing

Hi Chigishev,


When the probe is doing a "probing move", such as probe surface point or probe a point, the probe tracking point would be the center of the sphere. However, in other generic motions subop, the tracking point becomes the tip of the sphere.  It is quite inconsistent. 


Did you find any work around in NX? Or did you just change your macros on the machine?



Re: NX probing

Hi Jake,


When you create the probe tool, I am assuming your probing tool model consists only one part file (meaning that you are not creating the probe by using assembly) ? Because when I create a tool with a circle and assemble it, the circle will be since hidden and therefore, it is not possible to be selected in CAM environment.


In addition, when we want the tracking point to always be the center of the sphere, I guess we should create a point in the sphere center rather than a circle on the bottom? 



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