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NX11.0.2 CAM What will be new

Is there any place I can go to find what will be in NX11.0.2 release for CAM? I have heard rumors that there are some big changes coming but can't find anything on it. 


Re: NX11.0.2 CAM What will be new

There are many CAM enhancements in NX 11.0.2, but there is no list published in advance. 

With agile development, decisions on the final content of each point release, and whether projects are preview or production, happens closer to the release date than in the past. The "What's New Guide" is published with the release. After the release, we will gradually publish videos for many of the new features.

For an early look, we have many customers in the Early Adopter Program looking at specific projects. We also just had a technical workshop where many or our internal experts and partners reviewed and tested what's in development. If you are a channel partner, please ask your channel support folks for enablement materials.

Is there something specific you are interested in?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: NX11.0.2 CAM What will be new

Hi Mark,


I'm specifically interested in the new adaptive roughing strategy. I emailed Alexander Freund as you suggested when the technology preview first became available, and again last week - no reply on either occasion so currently I'm in the dark.



Neil Morgan




Re: NX11.0.2 CAM What will be new




Would you like to know when version 11.0.2 will be released? 






NX 11.0.1 mp2

Re: NX11.0.2 CAM What will be new

I am interested in spiral stepover for fixed contour area milling.  Also adaptive roughing and eventually adaptive roughing with step-up.



NX 11.0.2

Re: NX11.0.2 CAM What will be new

Adaptive Milling and Area Milling Spiral remain as preview in NX 11.0.2. There have been enhancements, we're not ready for a production release yet. If you are participating in the EAP for one of these, you can continue in NX 11.0.2.

NX 11.0.2 is currently planned for summer.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: NX11.0.2 CAM What will be new

 Hi Mark,


Don't forget about Ring Option in 5-axis Variable Streamline (ER 7901140) :-)




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