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NX11 Machine Simulation Alarms


I've been working on adding fixtures and tooling to my machine tool simulator but now I'm getting (3) three alarms if I try to run Machine code simulate . It is working when I run tool path simulate just fine 

Also I can see in machine tool builder that C axis is a NC axis

and when looking at the machine axis positions there is no green light (so Thats an issue) 

I'm missing something!... what do I have to do to correct this?, it an easy fix ?


Any help would be much appreciated 

Thank You





Re: NX11 Machine Simulation Alarms

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Solution Partner Phenom

First imagу as warning - in your model not defined any channel

Second image - Warning, you have ini-file, but havenot channel with name corresponding for this ini-file

Third image - new warning about - NO ANY CHANNEL


You must define CHANNEL, right mouse button on MODEL NAME, Define Channel. You must set NAME (and may be rename ini-file), set axis for this channel.


Thats all


Re: NX11 Machine Simulation Alarms


Do I have to make these changes in mt templete file  or my machine assm. file 

or do I just open up a new manufacturing file and switch to machine tool builder 

when I open up a new or old manufacturing file I get this alarm ?


Thanks for your help

Re: NX11 Machine Simulation Alarms

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Siemens Phenom



at first starting with the channel configuration of the kinematic model as Chigishev described in the previous post. And then doing the machine registration within the machine_database.dat file.


1.) Channel Configuration in Machine Tool Builder


I´m not sure what you are meaning with mt tempalte file or machine assm. file. You have to make the channel settings in that prt file where the kinematic tree is included. I opened exemplariy the sim07 sample machine in Machine Tool Builder application

2017-08-09 10_32_35-NX 11 - Machine Tool Builder - [sim07_mill_5ax.prt (Read Only) ].jpg


2.) Machine registration in library

In Home tab in Machine Tool Builder you can add your machine into the library 

2017-08-09 10_37_41-NX 11 - Machine Tool Builder - [sim07_mill_5ax.prt (Read Only) ].jpg


You can do this also manually in machine_database.dat file which is located in




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