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NX11 Plunge Milling & Optimize Feed Rate


 Howdy All

We are on NX 11.0.2 and we have found a use for the Plunge Milling operation that is working really good for us. Plunging a round (off the lathe) boss into a Rectangular boss. 


We have also found Optimize Feed Rate tool to be quite useful in other operations.


The Plunge Milling operation has available the “Optimize Feed Rate When Generating” check box and the values (on the Feed and Speed dialog) so we would like to apply feed rate optimization to this operation as well.

Our problem is getting this to behave as we expect. In feed rate optimization two critical values are

“Nominal Cut Width” and “Nominal Cut Depth”


Our Plunge operation is set to  

1.500in  Maximum Distance for the Stepover

0.125in Step Ahead

And we are plunging 2.00in deep


What should our “Nominal Cut Width” and “Nominal Cut Depth” setting be?


I would think “Nominal Cut Width” would be  the 1.500in Stepover and “Nominal Cut Depth” would be the 0.125in  Step ahead. But this is not outputting proper values I get the “Maximum Feed(%Cut)” value on all cut’s. Cutter just starting into the Boss (very minimal engagement) or even when fully 1.500in engaged I still get the “Maximum Feed(%Cut)” value.


Cut depth on a plunge mill operation is actually irrelevant but I even tried

Nominal Cut Width = 0.125

Nominal Cut Depth = 2.00


Nominal Cut Width = 0.125

Nominal Cut Depth = 1.500


All I get output is “Maximum Feed(%Cut)”


Is this “Optimize Feed Rate” broken for Plunge Milling or is there any info about what setting of the plunge mill operation translate to the “Nominal Cut Width” and “Nominal Cut Depth”


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.




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