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NX12.01 ISV - pick G code file

For some reason I initially had the dialog come up to pick the G code file and now it does not allow picking it. Maybe I am not understanding the new settings. In fact - I deleted all the the G code files and it seems to still bring one up (skipping the dialog.) What am I missing? NX12 eap and NX11 - didn't have this problem.
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Re: NX12.01 ISV - pick G code file

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Siemens Legend

Hi Study,


you have to remove the program with the Program manager. The new behavior is that the ext. file is stored in the prt-file so that it is not necessary to reselect the file when starting the external simulation. So just open the Program manager within CAM (not within isv) and remove the program from manager. Then you can select a new one. I think also a replace of machine will bring you up the dialog again.



2018-02-21 08_45_59-Program Manager.jpg

Best regards


Re: NX12.01 ISV - pick G code file

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Siemens Phenom

Thomas is correct.



The idea is that we make the selected external program persistent inside the program manger and store it with the individual CAM setup, so that you need to select it once. If you need to change take the way as described by Thomas J.


Hope you like it.


Thomas Schulz
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Re: NX12.01 ISV - pick G code file

Ok. Thanks for the explanation. I will probably like the new feature.
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