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NX9.0 Setup Sheets

Looking for a good setup sheet to use as a template to build my own. Can anyone share one they use and like?


Re: NX9.0 Setup Sheets

Also would be interested in seeing an example file where we can store notes inside the NX .prt file and have it automatically fill in the setup sheets so every time a job repeats we can just repost the setup sheet (similar to how we just repost the program).



Re: NX9.0 Setup Sheets

Bump. Anyone have anything they are proud of to share?




Re: NX9.0 Setup Sheets

Have you looked at using attributes?

Granted, they are only 1 line each, so if you want to write a novel they are clunky, but they are available in Shop Docs.


Another option is to have a drawing & export a view of the drawing (somehow)?



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Re: NX9.0 Setup Sheets

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Is there no way to use the new "Notes" option in NX9 to insert into shop docs? I could just have a "Mill Control" named "Setup info" at the top of every program that gets ignored by Postbuilder.


Re: NX9.0 Setup Sheets

I don't know about the set up sheets but the template for the tool list (shopdoc_template_English_tool_list_select.xlsx) has a list of variables that might include the program notes. I scanned them briefly and couldn't it, you might have better luck.



Re: NX9.0 Setup Sheets

The notes should be available as an array. For example:


Var: mom_operation_notes[0] = This is the first roughing operation.
Var: mom_operation_notes[1] =
Var: mom_operation_notes[2] = History
Var: mom_operation_notes[3] = 2013-04-06  mjr  Released to shop.
Var: mom_operation_notes[4] = 2013-04-17  mjr  Changed stepover to 70% after running first article.

The description is also available:

Var: mom_operation_description = Rough down to .06 stock

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