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NX9 Post Builder

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I finally got NX 9 installed and was anxious to test out Post Builder. The object I was most interested in was a Table/Table Fanuc 30i 5 axis post. I decided to create a very generic post to check out it's new functionality.


Well I guess bringing the 30i in Post Builder up to snuff wasn't in the cards. I don't know what to conclude. Either Siemens developers don't know what to look for as far as output is concerned or Siemens is making it intentionally difficult for NX consumers to develop post processors they need for their operation.


I've seen so much garbage since I've been working with Post Builder I am becoming somewhat disillusioned.




Re: NX9 Post Builder

When you created the post, did you choose "generic" controller?

Or did you choose Library > Fanuc > Fanuc 30i ?


If you chose the 30i, what did you find missing?


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: NX9 Post Builder

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I selected the "Fanuc 30i" and set it up with a table/table configuration. Please don't tell me to contact GTAC. I can only expect to talk to someone that doesn’t have a prayer of chance to know what your are talking about and then he/she will confer with the people that did it wrong to start with.


Can't we Just do it RIGHT to start with!!





Re: NX9 Post Builder

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Valued Contributor


Here is a small sample of typical output OOTB. I wanted it to use RTCP. as you can see
it output a G43 instead of G43.4. There were no prep functions at the Start of Program
I would expect to see.The tool was output three times. New machines don't use G28. No
work offset was output etc, no line number output etc.

Given that the initial post was selected to be a 5 axis table/table machine you would
expect that the end used would most likely want to use RTCP and axis rotation. None
of these utilities are in place and functional.



G40 G00
G91 G28 Z0.0
G91 G28 C0.0
G91 G30 B0.0
G91 G30 X0.0
G91 G30 Y0.0
G91 G30 Z0.0
G00 B-90. C-90.
G90 X2.6251 Y1.6585
G43 Z8.351 H01 S985 M03
G01 Z7.1203 F3. M08
Y1.6485 Z7.0778
Y1.6312 Z7.0378
Y1.6073 Z7.0014
Y1.5774 Z6.9697
Y1.5425 Z6.9437
Y1.5035 Z6.9241
Y1.4618 Z6.9116
Y1.4185 Z6.9065
Y1.375 Z6.909


Below is more of what I would expect to see for output
It is exactly what I posted above but output with
a post in development. Notice the G43.4 and notice the
difference in Y values because of the rotation of the
C axis:

N0010 G40 G17 G49 G00 G90
N0020 G53 Z0.0 M09 M19
N0030 M11 M13
N0040 G53 B0.0 C0.0
N0050 M10 M12
N0060 G53 X0.0 Y0.0
N0070 M1
N0090 T3 M6
N0100 S985 M03
N0110 G54.1 P1
N0120 M11 M13
N0130 G00 G90 B0.0 C0.0
N0140 X2.6251 Y1.6585 B-90. C-90.
N0150 G43.4 Z8.351 H1
N0160 X1.6585 Y8.151
N0170 Z2.6251
N0180 G94 G01 Y7.1203 F3. M08
N0190 X1.6485 Y7.0778
N0200 X1.6312 Y7.0378
N0210 X1.6073 Y7.0014
N0220 X1.5774 Y6.9697
N0230 X1.5425 Y6.9437
N0240 X1.5035 Y6.9241
N0250 X1.4618 Y6.9116
N0260 X1.4185 Y6.9065

Re: NX9 Post Builder


The Siemens post is the one that RTCP and other configuration settings are allowed/used - there is a ude for configuration. That does not mean I like the output of it - I thin it out a lot. I believe Siemens was first to the RTCP game (dynamically at the control) with TRAORI. At least I see it preferred by machine tool builders in 5 axis. I imagine the siemens posts would be the first development priority for them. Many of the OTB posts look like they haven't been touched for years - especially Fanuc ones . I would use the higher numbered sim posts for code if you are hoping to get the latest - not the templates. 

Windows 10 Pro
ITC Inc.

Re: NX9 Post Builder

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Wayne,


Open the Fanuc postprocessor that comes with the sample machine in the install directory:


NX 9.0\MACH\resource\library\machine\installed_machines\sim08_mill_5ax\postprocessor\fanuc.


This is a very good start for what you are looking for.


Gerrit Koelewijn

Re: NX9 Post Builder

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Mark & Gerrit -

I think this gets back to something I have said before...

You (Siemens) need to document the assumptions/decisions made for the various controllers when starting a post from scratch using the various available controllers.

- what options are (or aren't) supported

- how to use UDEs to alter behavior ("to turn on XXX output use a YYY UDE & set it this way")

- why you decided to to it the way you did.

- etc.


This could go a long way to letting users know what they should expect when creating posts this way.


Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP16/TC11.2
I'd rather be e-steamed than e-diseaseled

Re: NX9 Post Builder


Jake Hardwick
CNC Programmer
Senior Aerospace AMT
Production NX8.5.3.3 Beta testing NX10.0.1.4

Re: NX9 Post Builder

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

The intent of my post was to hopefully get Siemens to be more quality conscious of the product that they offer to consumers. Personally I would be embarrassed of the product I offered for consumption if it performed so poorly and with little insight as to what the end user would expect. The generic Fanuc 30i post was touted as being near perfect with little to be done to improve it by the Post Builder instructor I had for the class I took. WoW……now I understand why he steered away from playing with this one in class.


i've been frustrated with the amount of money that is spent for both training and product only to find that you are still many months away from satisfaction because of TCL procedures that don’t function at all or give you erroneous output. I have spent so much time in developing Post Builder to give me the results I expect as well as developing post processors for the machine tools I need.


I don’t mind the challenge but the code that has been developed by “” the experts I would expect to do what it is billed to do. I have been disappointed too many times to date.


After spending quite a bit of time in the past few month with Post Builder I have become aware of the power and potential that Post Builder holds for end users but, Siemens must clear the BOULDERS out of the way for consumers to navigate to success with personalization and customization being the only obstacles in their way.







Re: NX9 Post Builder

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager


Thanks for your feedback. As you and many of the posters on the forum are keenly aware, our TCL-based post processing is a very flexible animal. This helps you guys make creative and unique solutions for your individual shop work flows, and for your special machines. It also means that there is more than one way, or two ways, to skin a cat. This trips us all up occasionally. But be assured we understand the importance of providing useful post processor development tools.


In this case, the Fanuc 30i example post, delivered in the examples directory was updated for NX9, while the Fanuc starting template, selectable from the UI, was not updated until NX10. To use the updated version in Post Builder 9, when you create a new post, select “user” control, and then browse to the updated post in \MACH\resource\library\machine\installed_machines. In the upcoming NX 10 Post Builder, there will be a new UI template choice called “Fanuc_30i_advanced” that is synched to the new Fanuc 30i post in the examples.

Derek Hart
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