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NXCAM/Robotic external Tool Problem


Hi there,

I have a problem and don't know if there is a solution. I try to describe the problem.
Normally you have a CNC-Machine and move your tool around the workpiece.
I have a Robot with a mounted spindle and do normally the same.

I was asked if it is possible to exchange the tool and the workpiece. The CNC-Machine (my robot) will then hold the Workpiece and move it along its surface over the fixed mounted tool.
In the robot-world this is not a big thing. It is called "tool external".

But I don`t know if this is possible in NX-CAM or just with the robotics-license. To get the license would not be a problem, but only if I can say it will work with it Smiley Wink.


I don`t care if I get in the end G-Code or robot-code, any code will help me.

Maybe there is someone out there who did this already or failed with it.


Best regards SchneiderVonUlm.


Re: NXCAM/Robotic external Tool Problem

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If your NX license includes the new Robotic Machining functionality, then you can indeed do what you are asking. When you go into the Machine Tool View in the Operation Navigator you can load machine tools from there by editing the GENERIC_MACHINE object. When you go to retrieve a machine from the library you should see a new ROBOT class. Selecting that class will give you several out of the box robots that Siemens has already created with full kinematics definitions and post-processors.


You should select the robot named ABB_IRB_6640_235_255_MW for what you are trying to achieve. The '_MW" at the end of the name stands for Mounted Workpiece. This means that the cutting tool will be stationary and the workpiece will be held by the robot. When you load this robot you should also look at how it is defined in the Machine Tool Navigator. There you will see the proper kinematic definitions for a mounted workpiece robot in case you want to build your own.

Re: NXCAM/Robotic external Tool Problem

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi SchneiderVonUlm,


Did the answer Justin provided help? do you need any further help?  There is also an out of the box example in your mach folder ...\mach\resource\library\machine\installed_machines\ABB_IRB_6640_235_255_MW\samples\ named Mounted_Workpiece_Trimming_setup_ABB_IRB_6640_235_255_MW.prt .



Eddy Finaro
NX CAM Product Manager
Siemens PLM

Re: NXCAM/Robotic external Tool Problem


Hi Eddy Finaro and Justin,

yes, I think this answere helped me.

I will give it a shot.

But first I have to wait for the proper license.
My Robot was made by Kuka, but I think this will not be a problem. Smiley Wink


I will let you know when I have the license and tried it.

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