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NXCAM - interoperability with Solid Works

Hi Experts,


Does NX really do not have interoperability with Solid Works?

For if I open a file from Solid Works and create a machining process and save and then change the geometry in Solid Works and open the file again in NXCAM, NX recognizes that there is already a prt with the same name and updates the geometry .

But if you simply try to update the Feature in the Part Navigator and say that this is not possible.


What do you tell me about ... ???


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Re: NXCAM - interoperability with Solid Works

If you use a setup assembly in CAM it should work.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: NXCAM - interoperability with Solid Works

I tried to do this and it still does not work because there is no interoperability button with Solid Works.
It only works if I ask to open the file sldprt changed again, obviously keeping the same name, the NX identifies that there is already a PRT generated the same, hence it makes updade geometry.
Then when I open the Assembly that contains this component again it recognizes the change and asks us to update the process.

As he does this, he believed he could have the same interoperability mechanism he has with Solid Edge.


This is the message that makes me believe that it should not work the way it works.
But at least that's how it works ... it's something.

Thank you for the tip...



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