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Need Help! Machining a cam on 5 Axis within tolerance

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,

Few days ago i have posted a question here ,which is on the following link


Mr @Juraj helped me in resolving my problem. For that i pay special thanks to him.

But here i have one more problem which i want to discuss with you all specially with Mr @Juraj


Tool path for the upper surface of cam doesn't cut the material within tolerance. I have tolerance of +- .03mm but my tool is leaving the material approx +-.06mm . Snapshots i am providing here are  showing clearly.

Kindly help me how i can amend my toolpath for maching the surface within required tolerance. Thanks

Here i am providing my part model again for ease of the members.

Tolerance.JPGTool Path.JPG



Re: Need Help! Machining a cam on 5 Axis within tolerance

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Solution Partner Phenom



youre welcome, it wasnt so big magic, actually it is one of basic settings of this operation/method.


My thoughts are:

Operation tolerace = outol+intol=0.03+0.03=0.06

And you just measured number close to 0.06

I think it could be correct.


(!) Also take into account :

1*the IPW tolerance

2*way how surface is machined - does tool fits the surface properly?



After increasing the operation tolerance I was expecting smaller deviation.

But there was still 0.05.. material left. :/

So there is another problem. - > 2*

Somewhere tool fits, somewhere doesnt.

So here is where your 0.05.. mm deviation could comes from Smiley Happy





So try to use contour profile operation again , also use modeling help this operation if tool path is strange.

And there you can control tool aligment /edges, UV, etc.., tool axis settings....

(attached prt)

In this case you can achieve better result as we can see bellow:



Maybe somebody has some better idea, so I am curious about this part as well.

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Re: Need Help! Machining a cam on 5 Axis within tolerance

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

If you are going to swarf cut with the tool, the surface has to be "developable".

If it is not, you may not be able to *exactly* cut the surface (i.e. there will always be some error).


I don't know how to determine if the surface is developable after it is made.  I know when *creating* a ruled surface there is an option for that.






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