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Need help with a tool and or tool path

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I’m trying to machine the .375 c/r on the inside of this part.  I believe it should be milled normal to the angle face.  Im unable to create a tool the cut the radius and also clear the small internal C/R and wall of the pocket.


We are looking to do this with the part loaded in a 3 axis mill and the angle face normal to the z axis. Due to cycle time, I do not want to simply ball track it.


Preferred options would be:


  1. Radius cutter and dimple 2d path
  2. Multi axis on another mill with a form cutterBLOCK_RADIUS.JPG
Damian Forsythe
Impact Manufacturing Group

Re: Need help with a tool and or tool path

Geometricaly, it may not be possible to cut the corner round as you want, depending on how it is modeled, but you can get close with planar_profile with a corner rounding tool. You will need to adjust the Z depth offset and part stock to get the tool in the right position, since the corner round is not tangent.

For the tool, retrieve UGTI0251_004 from the library, which is a 3/8 corner rounding tool. If you need a smaller tip, shorten the LL of segment 1 to .0625 to make it 1/8 dia. If the tool tip gouges the tall wall inside the pocket, grind off the end of the actual

tool to clear.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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