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New Tap Cycles

I recently updated to NX9.0.3, and noticed there are new tap cycles in the hole_making operations, but in Postbuilder I'm not seeing any areas to define output for these new cycles. Are these just place holders for future functionality or do I have to create my own User Defined Cycles?

Accepted by topic author diamond3210
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: New Tap Cycles

The new tap-float, tap-deep & tap-breakchip cycles should be available when you create a post using Fanuc 30i, Fanuc 30i Advanced, or Semens 840D template post as the seed.

Re: New Tap Cycles

How does one add them to the existing posts?

Re: New Tap Cycles

It would require mocking the PUI file to enable the upgrade from one of the controller posts. Outcome is NOT warranted.

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