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Newtonian fluid simulation


I am trying to run a simulation to see how air, or other gases, effect a microscopic part.  I am stumped as to the best way to go about doing this, so I have a few questions.


First, is there a way to run a response simulation of a part in the enviroment of a newtonian fluid such as water, air, or a pure gas of some sort?


Second, if there is no way to simply simulate the part in the environment stated above, how does the program calculate air as a material?  If I were to place the part inside a solid box, then set that box to the material 'air' will it simulate the part being inside air, or does the program only account for the outside nodes of the 'air box' and not attempt to simulate random particle motion inside of it.


Finally, would there be a way to actually simulate molecules of air or other newtonian fluids using NX 8.5.  I am interested in the properties of the fluid when it is not in motion, which is where I am running into difficulty.  If there is not a way to acheive this using NX 8.5, I would appreciate any help in finding a suitable solution for this type of simulation.


Thank you!


Re: Newtonian fluid simulation

This forum is for manufacturing questions, mainly NX CAM.

You might try asking this in simulation or one of the other forums.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Newtonian fluid simulation

I am sorry for placing the question in the wrong place. Thank you for letting me know where to ask. Below is a link to the topic in the correct location for any others who come here looking for a solution.

Feel free to remove this post if appropriate now that I have reposted in the correct section.

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