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No Create Machine Control Event?

[ Edited ]

Good Afternoon,


I have created a UDE in one of our posts for the collection of tooling attachment details. I did this direct into the ude.cdl file.

I now want to grab the information in Post Builder but when I Right-Click (Mouse button 3) in the Machine Contol page the option for Create New Machine Contrrol Ecent does not appear?!

This works on my other posts???

Why is this option gone?

Can I force a new Event in another way? (A green one).


Thanks in advance.


Accepted by topic author cs3672
‎11-17-2015 11:43 AM

Re: No Create Machine Control Event?

Before opening the post, under Options - Enable UDE Editor, select Yes.

Re: No Create Machine Control Event?



Before you open the post!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much!!

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