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Nx CAM Regeneration Output value Variation

Hi All


After i made small changes on the model example hole depth,

Im facing tool path value variation of .0005-.0015 while doing path regeneration of the same profile which does not have changes, mostly significant different can be found in rough Mill profiling.

Do i need to do some setting to avoid this?


The modelling setting im using now as below

distance tolerance setting is .0001

Angle 0.001 degree

curvature .001



Win7 NX10


Re: Nx CAM Regeneration Output value Variation



Was the orginal toolpath created in an earlier release? there is a enviroment setting that can be added to make the toolpath calculation in NX9/NX10 behave in a way that is more like NX8 and earlier.

We see differences of .001mm mostly on G02/G03 moves and most of this seems to be down to the rounding of numbers, I think they improved the way in which everything is calculated and as such you see these differences.

If the enviroment setting is set to on then the amount of changes you will see is minor or none but with it as standard if you do a file compare between a as saved program and a generated program the differences are in almost every line....


I hope this is of some help, I may be off the mark with your question but this is what I have seen.


Vericut 7.3,7.4.1,8.0.2

Re: Nx CAM Regeneration Output value Variation

What operation type?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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