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OOTB fanuc CSE


I'm building a machine simulator based on the OOTB Fanuc sim_07_5ax from NX9.


I've found a couple of things that I hope don't require a license of Tecnomatix Machine configurator


H code is not modal, if active tool length is canceled (G49) and coordinate rotation applied then recall G43 the H should be modal from the H after toolchange and not be required.


Our machines dont require the H at all.


I added the line H#4120 in the ToolChange.prg file however this didn't work.


It looks like the G43 code in the CSE looks for the H on the same line or assumes H0.



G53 moves should not include the tool length.


Parse error on IF[#759]GOTO99IF[#759GT0]GOTO99 works, not a deal breaker just annoying


Custom G codes written in macro. eg G428 (return home tool axis)

Adding our macro code as G428.prg in the subprog folder doesn't work

Edit the nc file and substitute G428 with M98P9428 and have a copy of our macro (O9428.prg) in the subprog folder works. (although it overtravels becuse of the G53 problem)


any ideas please




NX9.0.3.4 MP2


Re: OOTB fanuc CSE




Any joy with this one?

Re: OOTB fanuc CSE


Work in progress.


I could not resolve any of this without  Machine Configurator


I had a temporary licence for a couple of months


In the time in had it I resolved:

  1. the G53 issue by editing G53 to ignore tool transforms
  2. G428 custom G code by adding G428 word that referenced my sub

The G43 H code issue was what I was working on when I had to move onto a production problem. Now probably going to have to purchase a licence to complete this


Part of the G43 problem may be that Machine sim looks at the UG tool definitions finds the T number and looks at  adjust register for H and the offset register for D.

As our machines don't require these, they are never edited an all are 0.

For our older machines that do use D&H our post's use the T number if adjust  or offset are 0.

Looks like making our posts too smart has broken machine sim.


Trying to get back to this as a functioning machine sim that ran posted or hand written/edited G-code would make life easier.




Re: OOTB fanuc CSE


OK thanks mate, That's pretty much what I found, without a machine configurator license we are locked out as far a Gcodes are concerned.

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