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Okuma MillAC1000VH - Does anyone have a postprocessor(s) and MCS set-up techniques


In developing an Okuma MillAC 1000VH post (B-head in ZX-Plane) (C-Table in X-Y plane), the user wants to set-up his zero on the part (not at center of Table).  Upon using MAIN MCS (center of table) and a Local (of all choices) at the corner of a part, none of the Local outputs seem to output the C-axis, except the USE MAIN option. However, this mode outputs as designed-- from the center of table.  The coordinates of XYZ (with B and C head/rotary), will need to be adjusted by values in the event MOM_csys.  Further, an example I have for 5-Axis contouring ona Okuma MillAC800VH- the post uses  direct MCS GOTO'S  for X Y Z , in G169 TCM mode.  Any comment welcome.



Bob,   There are three distinct methods of outputting 5 a...

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There are three distinct methods of outputting 5 axis motion in NX.

1) Traditional. 

The main mcs is placed at the center of rotation of the most dependent axis.  The MCS type is Use Main.  The X Y Z B C is all relative to main.  The ORIGIN command may be used as a constant offset.

2) Local or CSYS_ROT

A local MSYS is placed at any convenient location.  All output is now relative to this local msys.  However, there must be a coordinate mapping function like G54, G68.1, CYCLE800, PLANE SPATIAL, to map the coordinates to the main msys on the machine.  When using a local csys all output including C axis is relative the local csys. The mom variable init_pos can be used

3) TCP (Tool center point)

The post outputs tool tip locations.  This is the msc_goto in nx and is essentially cl file gotos.  Depending on the controller this is G43.4 (Fanuc), TRAORI (Siemens), M128 (Heidenhain),

Stan Suderman

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