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Okuma Work Coordinate Selection

I'm used to Fanuc with work coordinate selection being G54-G59 or G54.1 P.


On our Okuma it's G15 H1-H99.


Any ideas on how to handle this in PB (10.0.3)?


Re: Okuma Work Coordinate Selection

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

there is always many ways.

One of them:

create new address, name it,

leader: G15 H, expresion: fixture offset variable (find it throgh debug or in variable browser)

set modal, or non modal

Put this address as  a block in some section, start operation initial+first move for example.

If you are new to PB watch all videos about PB on this page and sme on youtube.

#♫ PB, 5ax, itnc, nx, vericut ♫ #

Re: Okuma Work Coordinate Selection

Worked great, thank you.

Re: Okuma Work Coordinate Selection

To whom is may concern:


It might be worth noting that the variable $mom_work_coordinate_number (as used by the G-Work Coordinate Selection word) generated an error message.


The variable $mom_fixture_offset_value (as used by the G - MCS Fixture Offset word) worked great.



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