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Output the programs for the different head to the different files

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 How to output the program start sequence to the two files?

Also the program end sequence. 

(use 2 linked posts) 




Thank you for your help)



Re: Output the programs for the different head to the different files

The problem is that start_of_program event runs only once. The linked post start_of_program code will not be run without some deeper configuring. Also - the status of variables may not be appropriate either (as they were when the Cam generator started posting.) The linked post architecture writes over a bunch of procs - some are retained - some not. The master post has some extra ones (ex - the MOM_head one.) I think the easiest approach would be to copy the file at the point that start_of_program is done writing to the file path used for the linked post. This could be done by closing it, copying it then reopening it with TCL code as a last custom command in start_of_program. Use MOM_open_output_file and MOM_close_output_file (you probably already are) to redirect output and tcl command "file copy ...." to put the start_of_program code in the linked post file. I am not current with the linked post setup (code written to the tcl to manage it.) I started doing different kinematics from the same post. You may find that to be less trouble. Linked posts had some points of convenience for sure - but there was pain too.
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Re: Output the programs for the different head to the different files

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

What I was told...From long ago...

The "master" post's "Start of program" and "end of program" will ALWAYS be the ones used.

If you've played with the proc MOM_head (or some others) you may have broken this.

Note that the master post must be set up with the linked posts (at least some of them) defined, to put the appropriate hooks in the appropriate places...

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