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PAX-File with included templates

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello! I have a question to PAX-Files. Following situation: We work in managed mode with TC and I want to manage the tempates exclusive in the PAX-File. This does not work.


In my PAX-file I have the following entries:


<PaletteEntry id="d1001">
<Presentation name="TEST Setup" description="CAM Test Setup">
<PreviewImage type="UGPart" location="${UGII_CAM_TEMPLATE_PART_METRIC_DIR}cam_test.jpg"/>
<ObjectData class="CamTemplate">
<TypeTemplates> @db/mill_multi-axis_metric_NX10_Update/B</TypeTemplates>
<TemplateDescription> General Assembly for TEST</TemplateDescription>


=> I only want to get the template mill_multi-axis_metric_NX10_Update/B if I create an operation in NXACM. This does not work.


What I found out:


1.) If there is an accordance between PAX-File and template_part_planner.dat NXCAM uses the templates specified in template_part_planner.dat in TC


Entry in PAX-File: <Filename>@DB/cam_TEST_setup01/0</Filename>

Entry in template_part_planner.dat: DATA |1000| 9000 | @db/cam_TEST_setup01/0 | @db/mill_planar_metric_NX10_Update/B | TEST | metric


=> You get mill_planar_metric_NX10_Update/B if you create an operation in NXCAM


2.) If there is NO accordance between PAX-File and template_part_planner.dat NXCAM uses the templates specified in the OPT-File whitch is listed in the configuration-DAT-file.



Entry in OPT-File: @DB/hole_making_metric_NX10_Update/B


=> You get hole_making_metric_NX10_Update/B if you create an operation in NXCAM


3.) If I don't have an entry in configuration-file with the keyword TEMPLATE_OPERATION NXCAM produces an error if I make "File New". => This is no option


4.) If I have an empty OPT-File "File New" works but if I want to create an operation NXCAM says that no template file does exist and I should reset the configuration.


When the entries from the PAX file to be considered?

What's the way to solve the problem?

Thank you all.



Production: NX12.0.2, FBM | TcUA
Development: VB.NET, Tcl/Tk

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