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PB How to automatically select linked postprocessors ?


I created a postprocessor for the lathe. Actually, two postprocessors. One for turning and one for live tools. I used to call linking the space of two postprocessors. I do not like that I need to add an event to start telling the postprocessor is used. How to automate the post-processor automatically select which one to use depending on the type of operation?.


Re: PB How to automatically select linked postprocessors ?

The MOM_head proc controls the linked post to run. You would want to call that (without a ude) based on the operation type. The problem is that at start of path - it is too late to switch (I think.) I am not sure what event youy would have to look forward at the next operation type and set up the right linked post. If you look at some of the SIM posts in the out of the box machines - they don't use this HEAD ude - instead they just set kinematic variables (out of the same post) and share the rest. You may decide that this is easier.

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Re: PB How to automatically select linked postprocessors ?

There is a "automatic" way to do this.

Add this code to your "user" tcl file (or inside an "uplevel" in a PB_CMD_* run at "start of program")

# Switch mode - mill vs turn
proc PB_machine_mode { } {
	global mom_machine_mode     ;# "MILL" or "TURN"
#	MOM_output_literal "IN PB_machine_mode - mom_machine_mode = $mom_machine_mode"
	# It could use "LATHE" instead of "TURN", so make sure to always reset to TURN here
	if { ![string compare $mom_machine_mode "LATHE"] } { set mom_machine_mode "TURN" }

   # Add call to MOM_head here.
   # MOM_head may need  to be re-written to use mom_machine_mode to swap posts, instead of mom_head_name


PB_machine_mode will be run OUTSIDE of any operation, so it will be safe to call MOM_head.


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Re: PB How to automatically select linked postprocessors ?

We still do not know how to do it. Can you put this file tcl?



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