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PB - Simultaneous 4axis, what are FGROUP and FGREF




I am currently trying to run what appear to be a simple FRN program in a 828D controller with 4ax but getting all of those axis behaving strangely. E.g. FRN is ignored when linear axis are involved, the cutter zip in the part at high speed in some area and some other areas the prog makes the machine crawl to a near stall. Oh and magnitude/rotation is often ignored. Forgot what else but it is certainly not behaving as it is in our other fanuc ctrl where the exact same program runs flawlesly without any code mod.


My question; I've found FGROUP and FGREF and wonder what that is, how it is implemented in a PB post, and what sort of calculation this provides. Any of you using/need these for simultaneous 4 axis programing?


Sorry for the lack of knowledge on this Siemens 828D ctrl. Trying to learn it but can't find any detailed information from the siemens online doc on these two commands (limited to a few explanation lines only).




Re: PB - Simultaneous 4axis, what are FGROUP and FGREF

Are you aware of the Siemens Doc site?


If you start here, you can poke around and maybe find what youare looking for.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: PB - Simultaneous 4axis, what are FGROUP and FGREF


Hi Mark, thanks for linking up. Yea had a go at the doc but found very limited info if none at all RE implementation of FGROUP or FGREF inside PB, where to take/include the cmd, variables, block checks, etc etc. The doc is all very 'marketing' oriented.


Was at my friend's company this afternoon where he logged me onto the Siemens Intranet, I was looking for 828D post examples, to find that the most recent post written was dated back to 2008 I believe. Had a go at the Sinumerik_4ax_a_t_mm.pui/tcl to find out they don't even output frn (geez). Got a hold of the SIM04 post from 10.0.3 from my friend HDD there but that didn't open when I got back at the office onto 8.5. So it's all hand coded in Notepad++


Clueless, no examples, and pretty screwed (not a pro at this, sadly). Controller does looks slick and modern that's for sure Smiley Wink


Anybody have a post example for 828D? A "modern" post if possible lolll Happy to pay for it, nothing to do with cash... we just got to move on with this. That'd be appreciated


Freelancers here?!

Re: PB - Simultaneous 4axis, what are FGROUP and FGREF


Hello Siemens;


I (for one) am still interested to know where to output the FGROUP call in PB, find out if there are anything to know about the function, other calls/checks to manage this correctly. Do I need to reset it at the end of the prog, etc etc


Anything relevant to the function integrated into PB would be much appreciated. This is for a 828D btw


Thanks for your time



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