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PB: $mom_mcs_goto



I would like to modify my PP.

When there is an operation with a rotation of the cordinate system (for example: AROT X45 AROT Y60) the PP prints any coordinates relates to the rotated cordinate system.
But for this reason I have problems for the first movement and I want to realize the first movement relates to the coordinates system without any rotation.

I tried to do it:
 1. Edit the first movement (Program & Tool Path > Operation Start Sequence > Initial Move > block reletes to the first movements)
 2. X cordinate > Change Element > User Defined Expression
 3. I defined the expression: $mom_mcs_goto

FIRST PROBLEM: If try to change the expression with "$mom_mcs_goto(0) it appears the error " Error found in "Word Expression": can't read "mom_mcs_goto(0)": no such variable while executing "Evaluating..."mom_mcs_goto(0)"" ("eval" body line 1)

Fors this reason I left "$mom_mcs_goto"


When I try to post process the program I receive the error type 1770002
Error Message: Error received in do_event

In attached there is a description with different screenshots.




Re: PB: $mom_mcs_goto

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Generally the array mom_mcs_goto should be global.

You could also try to use the global declaration $::mom_mcs_goto(0) to overcome that problem.

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Re: PB: $mom_mcs_goto

Thanks Stefan!!!

I'll test it on machine!

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