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PLM Connection 2013, Dallas, June 3 - DAY ONE

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

DAY ONE at PLM Connection 2013

The conference is at the Sheraton in downtown Dallas. We start the day with big picture presentations covering our strategy and direction, as well as presentations from JPL, Mercury Marine, and Daimler AG about their use of PLM technology. Here’s a short synopsis of the plenary sessions:


8:00 – Brian Mansfield, PLM World Chairman, and Dave Shook, Siemen PLM Software Senior VP, open the conference with a short welcome and introduction.


8:20 – Chuck Grindstaff, Siemens PLM Software CEO, reviews direction and strategy. Multi-disciplinary engineering is critical to all of our success. Making complex products has never been more complex. Siemens is addressing the challenges that come with making complex decisions in a work environment where more people must collaborate, use the right information, and execute with less margin of error. We do this by providing an open environment that provides the necessary depth and scale to make accurate and timely decisions. Chuck brought the elements of our HD-PLM vision to life with demonstrations on intelligently integrated information, future proof architecture, and the HD user experience. Demonstration on Active Workspace 2.0 illustrates how executives, managers, and engineers can all collaborate in same environment to address a cost issue.


9:00 – William C. Allen, Jr. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Head of Mechanical Systems Design, presents on using innovation and PLM to successfully hit a moving target. Innovation is necessary for success and is a moving target. JPL builds one prototype and is has to work - requires proven technology to do so. The challenges only get bigger and the tools are getting better. Mars rover Curiosity program was started with PLM technology selected 10 years ago. It’s worth the investment in technology to ensure you stay innovative because you need to prove that you can constantly deliver better results.


If you haven’t seen this, you might want to watch this video -  The 7 Minutes of Terror.

Video -


9:45 – John Bayless, Mercury PLM Services, presents on extending PLM beyond engineering. Product complexity creates engineering complexity. Can’t innovate without the proper PLM foundation. Recent and very cool innovation made possible with PLM – Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards.

Video -


11:00 – Jim Rusk, Siemens PLM Software Senior VP, presents the NX roadmap and direction for product engineering. Dr. Peyman Merat, Daimler AG, shares how PLM and NX are used for vehicle engineering and development.  Various capabilities coming in NX 9 were demonstrated. New capability coming in NX 9 can analyze parts for manufacturability considerations (more details to be provided later).


2:00 - Zvi Feuer, Siemens PLM Software Senior VP, presents the strategy and direction for Manufacturing Engineering Software Solutions. NX CAM and related part manufacturing solutions are part of Zvi’s organization’s responsibilities. To be competitive, manufacturers need to create a more productive manufacturing environment. Zvi discussed examples of technology developments in the areas of green production, big data, and disruptive technologies and how they will drive a new renaissance in manufacturing. With big data for example, Siemens technology is helping an automotive OEM to determine the quality of final assemblies by collecting quality data from all sources, including suppliers, and using it to simulate and analyze assembly processes.  



4:00 – Mike Fair, Siemens PLM Software Product Management Director, presents the future technology outlook, what’s driving us to do what we do, and project timelines for NX CAM and part manufacturing applications. We’re in this to change manufacturing for the better.


Mike shared short overviews of the new capabilities coming in NX 9. Discussed the roadmap for near, mid, and long term vision, as well as areas of research and these are driving new developments. We’re changing our process and shifting to an agile environment where earlier customer involvement will help steer our direction.


Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of Mike’s presentation. Mike answers the question, why do we (Siemens) develop software for manufacturing?

(view in My Videos)


4:40 – David Madeley, Siemens PLM Software Strategist, provides an overview of our part manufacturing technologies and how they integrate and can be used together. He discusses the challenges that part manufacturers face and the solutions we can offer, how to manage the manufacturing process and the data that flows through it, as well as the PLM infrastructure needed and how to connect it directly to the hardware on the shop floor.  


Here’s an excerpt from Dave’s presentation….

(view in My Videos)


5:20 – Mark Bringle, Joe Gibbs Racing, presents how NX CAM and other software applications from Siemens drive the technology force behind Joe Gibbs Racing. One of Mark’s responsibilities at Joe Gibbs is to evaluate different technologies that will give his team a competitive edge. Mark spoke of that state of NASCAR, gave an update on Joe, introduced this year’s teams, and talked about examples of advanced manufacturing.


In attempt to improve the popularity of the sport, this year NASCAR developed brand new cars that look more like the street production models. This has resulted in teams needing to redesign the body. The new nose bend is a little longer and the tail is a little shorter. There are three different materials on the body. The hood and trunk are carbon fiber. The front nose and rear piece are Kevlar composite, and everything else is stamped sheet metal. As you can image, a lot of air flow analyses were needed.


Joe Gibbs Racing uses NX CAM to drive 27 CNCs, operating 3 shifts a day, to make parts for its 11 race teams. NX CAM has handled every multi-axis part Joe Gibbs has attempted. Every cylinder head is ported using this technology. The main reason why Joe Gibbs uses NX CAD/CAM is for the seamless integration between design and manufacturing. This eliminates the need to translate data between systems and is extremely important for saving time.


In addition to manufacturing parts for vehicles, Joe Gibbs also designs and produces the tools used by the pit crew. It only takes the pit team 12 seconds to refuel and change four tires. Each second in the pit translates to a car speeding the length of football field on the track.  


Here’s Mark sharing a few words on the partnership between Joe Gibbs Racing and Siemens PLM Software.

(view in My Videos)


Stay tuned for some excerpts from DAY TWO.

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Aaron Frankel (Community Manager)

Re: PLM Connection 2013, Dallas, June 3 - DAY ONE

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Awesome update, Aaron!  Looking forward to tomorrow's Smiley Happy

Derek Hart
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Re: PLM Connection 2013, Dallas, June 3 - DAY ONE

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Thanks Derek. Great content this year!

Make Better Parts Faster!
Aaron Frankel (Community Manager)

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