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PLM Connection 2013, Dallas, June 4 - DAY TWO

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Today was another great day at the conference. There were many excellent presentations – or so I was told. I wasn’t able to attend many of them. I’ll attend more tomorrow.

This is what I missed:


  • What’s New in Usability & Selection – Mark Rief, Siemens PLM
  • What’s New in 3-Axis through 5-Axis Milling Part 1 – Mark Rief, Siemens PLM
  • What’s New in 2.5-Axis Machining in NX CAM – Oliver Sing, Siemens PLM
  • Implementing Feature-Based Machining – Oliver Sing, Siemens PLM
  • What’s New in Turning – Mike Fair, Siemens PLM

I did see Oliver Sing’s presentation, What’s New in Drilling. Oliver reviewed the hole drilling development roadmap and went into the details of the 4 workflows for designing and using hole geometry for drilling. He also reviewed the various drilling enhancements coming in NX 9 and beyond.

I also saw Edwin Gasparraj’s presentation, Mastering Complex 5-Axis Tool Paths. Edwin prepared 3X more material than he was able to cover in his 40-minute time-slot. The good news is he’s agreed to present his complete set of material online in the near future. Stay tuned - we’ll let you know when and how to join us online. Here’s an excerpt…

(view in My Videos)

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