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PLM Connection 2013, Dallas, June 5 - DAY THREE

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Day three was full of informative presentations. I was able to attend four of the six. I missed these:


  • Non-associative editing – Is it for you? – Mark Rief, Siemens PLM
  • Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter – DNC – Ralf Stetter, A+B Solutions GmbH

Here’s a short summary of the session I was able to attend:


NX CAM & MRL – New Catalog & Tool Management

Mike Verkamp (Sandvik Coromant) & David Madeley (Siemens PLM)

Sandvik and Siemens are working together to standardize the way cutting tools are described in catalogs. This effort is targeted at making it easier to obtain, use, and update cutting tool definitions in CAM and virtual machining systems. The initiative addresses three areas: classification structure, tool attribute definitions, and a standard approach to 3D model definition and how tool components can be assembled. Mike presented an overview of the initiative and Dave did a demonstration of how this works in the MRL (Manufacturing Resource Library) and NX CAM.


Multiple Part Programming with NX CAM

Oliver Sing, Siemens PLM

The workflow for programming multiple parts arranged in tombstones and fixturing devices is streamlined in NX 9. Blank models follow the part from one station to the next, representing uncut material for the most efficient cuts. You can easily copy and paste operations between parts, and the operations are associative so they update if you decide to make changes. And if you decide to change the orientation of a part, the operations will move with it.

Multi-part programming in NX CAM


Blisk Milling Case History with NX CAM Turbo Machinery

David Madeley, Siemens PLM

Dave presented an overview of the complete range of advanced multi-bladed part machining capabilities in NX 8.5 / 9. By following an agile software development approach, the new capabilities were driven and validated by customers in a production environment ensuring product goals were achieved. The workflow makes it easy to program these types of parts by eliminating the need to construct containment geometry and providing tailored operations specifically for blade roughing, rest milling, blade/splitter finishing, hub finishing, and blend finishing. A new tool axis option has been added for an additional level of tool axis control.

NX Turbomachinery Milling


NX CMM Inspection Programming

Steve Scigliano (Siemens PLM) & Ben Spokes (Renishaw)

Steve provided an overview of CMM inspection programming capabilities and upcoming enhancements with NX 9. NX CMM Inspection Programming is an offline programming application with results analysis capabilities. Sheet metal thin part workflows is one interesting application area coming soon. He also discussed the extended partnership with Renishaw to support the new Renishaw Equator.

Extended Renishaw Partnership


Here’s a short demo of NX CMM Inspection Programming and the Renishaw Equator...

(view in My Videos)






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