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POST BUILDER application error

I am running NX 8.5.0 and I am using POST BUILDER to open up the OOTB mill3ax.pui (quite simple and straight forward).


However, when I click on "G Codes" tab, POST BUILDER prompts me that I am having the application error, as it is shown in the following:




Has anyone ever come across this situation? Is it a bug?


Thanks in advance




Re: POST BUILDER application error

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Have you tried with the latest service pack NX 8.5.3 applied for NX 8.5?

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Re: POST BUILDER application error


Certainly a bug to open an OTB example post and have postbuilder complain with syntax when changing tabs. There may be people (siemens ones) that read the forum and know what to tell you - but they probably won't. They will prefer you talk to GTAC.

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Re: POST BUILDER application error



You are right. After the update, it works now.

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