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POST_BUILDER generic pui for Mazak_Integrex_I series


Hey everyone,


I am looking for a generic mazak post builder post that I would be able to modify to match my shops new machine we are getting if you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate any help.


I am looking for a Mazak_Integrex-I400ST post but if someone had a similar one that would allow me to get started that would be amazing.


Post builder library help


Hey everyone,

 I havent seemed to get any replies to my previous post so just checking to make sure it's working

would anyone know where a good place to start looking for a .pui for a mazak integrex I dont need the link here I am just trying to find out where I need to go because the attachment in the library is not a .pui.


Re: Post builder library help

Most users want to simulate these. Are you also looking for the simulation, or only a postprocessor?

We have machine tool kits available for some Mazak Integrex models. Your reseller or Siemens rep can tell you what is available.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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