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POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

I'm currently training this week to see how far the work will extend for a successful migration of our PB commands to PC. So far so good!


One thing that I am stuck onto is DPM. Is PC supporting this feedrate type at all? If not, any plans on adding the functionality before the start of 2018? Or perhaps this is something that we need to hardcode ourselves?


We have a few newer Sinumerik 828D and those aren't working at all with FRN. Only DPM. Hence the reason I ask.


Re: POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

The DPM output implementation in Post Configurator is the same like Postbuilder at the moment. We don't have an option in the UI of Post Configurator to switch that on. In a first step you can create your own element in the UI to switch it easily.



feedrate_prop.jpg For creating this property just add this code to your service file:


LIB_GE_property_ui_name "DPM mode"
LIB_GE_property_ui_tooltip "UITooltip"

set id "dpm_custom"
set $id 0
set options($id) {OFF|ON}
set options_ids($id) {0|1}
set access($id) 222
set dialog($id) {{Feedrate DPM output}}
set descr($id) {{A False or True Property}}
set ui_parent($id) "@CUI_MotionSettingFeedMode"
set ui_sequence($id) -1



For the Tcl implementation you have to set the feed_mode, dependent on the property setting, e.g. in the MOM_initial_move.


proc MOM_initial_move_LIB_ENTRY {position} {
switch $position {
"start" {
if {[CONF_DPM_MODE dpm_custom] == 1} {
set ::feed_mode DPM


Output now looks like:



But i never create a post with DPM output and it takes me a while today to understand what happens, so maybe the output is not correct Smiley Wink. If you have a good sample and what output you expect for DPM with Post Configurator please post this here, so that we can improve this functionality before 2018 Smiley Happy.


Best regards


Re: POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

Hi Thomas


You are a top man and really appreciate. Not a rush for us as we plan on getting 6 new machines by the end of June 2017. Those will hopefully all be PC'ed and ready for 2018. Well, that's the plan anyway.


Had a feeling it would have had to be hardcoded, sorry for asking as I had no idea where to begin with this - was also worried. I am going to give the function you wrote a try and upload the results here for you/others to see. I am 100% certain others will re-use the code you wrote so not a waste at all.  So Thank YOU.


And yes, absolutely, if you guys can eventually intergrate this feedrate type inside the UI that'd be super nice to have (a must with the newer 828D v4.7).


Let you and the others know how it went


Kind regards and thanks again



Re: POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

I have 2 828d control machines. Support from Siemens is >.<

I'd never buy another machine that wasn't an 840d. These are 2011 and 2012 and they have no clue about their own controls lol



Re: POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

[ Edited ]

haha, those Sinumerik guys are something, yes! It was chaos when they first got released back in the days but currently we are getting excellent support for them. We got some sample code for those only recently so we can have posts that actually work flawlessly now. Great controller, super fast (built-in cycle832 is badazz)


I wouldn't spend  all your money on the 840 before trying them good. They kill man, affordable for what they are. So good we are getting 6x more of the newer v4.7 Smiley Happy

Re: POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

OT: Renishaw now has the macro dialed for the 828D also. You want that trust me, getting out parts within 2micron tolerance with these toys now. Does it all by itself, inspect/offset/machine/inspect/offset/machine and thank you very much and have a nice day.

Why the 840 fuss exactly?

Re: POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

[ Edited ]

What machine are you using? MFG?

Ive been waiting 5 hours today just to speak to a tech... who probably wont know the answer to the problem >.<

If I buy another Siemens control its going to be from GROB only. They have the best support I've ever dealt with.



 Not to mention Siemens has 0 stock for a control from 2012  ( No motors, no drives, nothing...)

Everything is repair only if you cant get from the machine manufacturer



Re: POST CONFIGURATOR: Planned support for DPM (degree per min.)

[ Edited ]

Siemens are busy servicing the little guys like GM Motors, Volkswagen, NASA/Jet Propulsion Sys, etc. The BIG guys like you and I are serviced by Siemens 'partners'. My advice to you is to find that partner and to make sure you send them a Christmas cards and a box of chocolate annually. My Partner here turns up (in person) withing hours and now get issues resolved within minutes.

Spares are made in China man. Not sure what you are talking about. Call the Siemens hotline in China if you are that stuck or you can get the hardware 'unofficially' from Sinamic drives, servos/encoders, cabling, 828d keyboard, LCD, whatever you want you can find it there with express shipping - If real-ly you can't get it locally (but I'd be surprised).

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