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Part-Families with cam setup




I have a project with many different Frames with features and so on...

I created my variant with a part familie!


Know i will make my cam-operations. In the "Master-Part" I will create all possible operations.

When I manage the part-family I can deactivate features...

Is it possible to manage the cam-operations by the same way. 


I have the problem that I can't save a family-member when I generate the toolpath and delete operations!


Is there a way how I can handle this?


Thanks for your feedback!!



Re: Part-Families with cam setup

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor


The best way to handle that is to use the family master as a component of a CAM setup part, using a linked body of the CAD design as the geometry for CAM.

To program the family childes, you would use save as on the CAM setup part and replace the component with the family child in question.

Since the child bodies share the same internal object IDs, faces and edges should be matched automatically when you update the linked body.

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Re: Part-Families with cam setup

Thank you Stefan,
this is the way I did it konw!

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