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Part Revision Handling




I'm not sure where to place this question but I hope this is right..


A quick summery of the situation,


Until recently so did my company both the engineering and the manufacturing of all our products but they have now sold all the manufacturing to a subcontractor. All the manufacturing personnel including me did get further employment at the new subcontractor. This means that instead of only make our own parts so will we now be a job shop that will make parts to multiple customers.

Before did we use Teamcenter to manage all our data and the part revision. Our new company has decided that we don´t need any type of PDM-system (I don´t agree with them), so we will run NX in native and need some way to handle the different revision of the parts we gets from our customers.


If I get a part from a customer that has the filename “12345_A” and then make a cam-setup that has the “12345_A” added as a component so does everything work fine until I receive revision “B” from the customer. The part that I now need to use will have the filename “12345_B” but my cam-setup will still point to “12345_A”.
This is dangerous because I now can work on the wrong component in the cam-setup if I forgot to replace the component to the new “12345_B”.
I could instead delete or move the old part revision so NX will not find it when I open the cam-setup but I now need to point to the new part revision manually.

I have found something in NX that is called “Part Name Versions” that could be a great solution on my problem, but how will that work then I receives files from multiple customers that has different revision system? Sometimes with letters another with numbers and so on.

So my question to you guys that run NX in native and special you that receive files from multiple customers, how do you handle part revision? Do you have any tips for me?

I guess that my problem has been solved multiple times before but I can't seem to find a good solution.


I'm sorry for the long text but I hope you have the time to read it and give me some help.



Re: Part Revision Handling


Please see link below if it helps.


As far as data from different customers, you could setup different folders for each customer, then managing each project in sub folders with all revisions with that project.



Re: Part Revision Handling

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

You could handle this by using multiple UGII_SITE_DIR locations, so each customer has its separate site folder with its customer defaults.

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Re: Part Revision Handling


I do the following

Customer Name Abrev_ Their Part Number _ Their Rev_ My Revision _ Version 1





Then if I make a revision to the file for my own CAM purposes




I've been using this system for a while now and never had any issues.


If you have made TST_1001_A_01-01

You will have TST_1001_A_01-01_setup_1.prt


Then they order TST_1001_B_01-01 you copy the setup file and rename TST_1001_B_01-01_setup_1.prt and make the appropriate changes.


Then something comes up and you want to do an internal change for your own reason




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