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Picking the right sim_templete for building a machine tool kit?


Good Morning group


I would like to start a conversation on choosing the right sim template to use to start a machine tool kit, and the process in which you start to modify the machine to represent the machine you’re going to build. Add in the kinematics adjust the post and test, test, test. But what is the process to accomplish these tasks

I have been watching and studding the videos on building a machine tool kit and post processer building, or post processer configurator, really anything I can find on the subject. I’ve kind of gotten obsessed with it.

(I may have to find a NX anonymous meeting)

I have spent countless hours working on a couple of projects (3 machine tool kits to be exact.) none of which are completed, but close. The first one is a tooling lathe that I modified by adding a gang tool post, with 8 pockets. that one is the closest one to being complete, I did send the files to Gtech for a couple of issues that I just could not work out. Waiting for a response back, I did get a first response, saying that I was really close, and it was just a few issues with the post. Waiting to hear back.


The 2nd one is a turn/mill with an upper turret (12 station) Y axis live tooling and a sub-spindle both spindles are full c axis, with synchronization of the live tools and c axis. I have the machine assembly file built and a file with the machine tool builder application ready to go. I was going to work out the machine kinematics and I was going to use sim_15 as a template, I found myself jumping back and forth to the sim_15 MTB to make sure I had the structure and wording right, which takes time and can get frustrating at times.


The 3ed machine is a 3-axis mill with the table being x axis and the spindle being Y axis and Z axis with a 30 tool magazine rotating around parallel to the Y axis it does have a 4 axis capability so I’m thinking of using sim_4 as the template and adding the tool changer into it by copying it from the sim_1 example, I guess.


This all got me thinking, we work in an environment that is all about Parts and Process we even write SOP’s to follow so we are on the same page in completing the tasks. And I’m having trouble seeing that in my study’s on MTB don’t get me wrong there is a process I see it in the videos, but there is (for me) something missing.


Here is what I got so far;

1.) I build an assembly of the machine I’m going to use. I work out all the details using the machine book / manuals that have all the dimensions, travels, and work area/tooling pockets. I try to make it as detailed as I can to help show me the results, I need to create a clean/safe program. The goal is to eliminate wasted time editing the program on the first set-up and running the first piece.

2.) I chose the right sim_ example that represents to some degree, the machine assembly I have built, taking in mind the axis machine characteristics and the control. The control is confusing a little I work with **bleep**or or, Fanuc, Siemens, and Mitsubishi. I see we have Fanuc and Siemens, but I don’t know what to use for **bleep**or or or Mitsubishi. I’m assuming Fanuc and editing the post as needed.

3.) This is somewhat of a challenge. When I build in the kinematic into my model, I have to be very carful in the wording of my axis and their placement, and the wording of and including the devises channels part fixture blank turret pockets or tool stations. To make this part of the process I was thinking of taking a copy of the sim_xx. machine file with the MTB kinematics and then adding my model assembly file to it and deleting the model assembly I wonder if doing that would leave the kinematic structure and I could edit in my modal, I’m hopping that would be the case and I wouldn’t have to go back and forth making I have the language right.


5.) Once completed I can work on the post and see if it all works in g-code simulation with a test piece.


Ok that’s the start of my conversation I’m hoping this creates a dialog that people can add to and hopefully answer some questions I have.


Any Input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time,

Charlie Mitchell

Manufacturing Engineer

Andretti Autosport




Re: Picking the right sim_templete for building a machine tool kit?


Yes you can do an assembly replace component to swap one machine assembly for another.

Yes the kinematics stay, but objects selected will now need to be re-seleted (exp. bodies that are axis)


If you have dual monitors you can open a session on each, look at your new assembly and the OTB assembly side by side to help link it all back up.


Hope this helps

{Paul Schneider}, {CNC Programmer}, {DRT-Rochester}

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