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Plunge Milling

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I am trying to rough out a cast bore by plunge milling but am having issues with the first cut. There is roughly 1" of stock per side on the bore and the max step ahead for the cutter is 0.400" but you can see on the first cut in the picture below it is cutting out a huge chunk. What it should do is start inside the bore and step its way out to the diameter and then around the diameter but i can't figure out how to get that accomplished.


Any thoughts?




Re: Plunge Milling

The plunge moves are only along the cutting moves, and those are only along the wall. Where cavity milling would create an engage move, plunge mill uses the enage at the top of the plunge.


I would make a separate operation first for the entrance - maybe a zig pattern with a trim boudary, so you only get the one row of plunges. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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